We are currently considering using iPads or another form of tablet in our
Learning Commons to log in visiting students, submit tutor session comments
and details, as well as utilize them as a learning tool for tutoring and
supplemental instruction.

We are aware of many apps that would be beneficial in our tutoring/SI
sessions, and would love to stream line the check-in procedures, but we
have recently been met with several concerns from our technology committee.

1.  How can multiple people log into the same iPad?
2.  How can we ensure that individual or employee student IDs tied to what
is happened on network-connected devices?
3.  What kind of technology will allow us to quickly change between users
when we start new tutoring or SI sessions?
4.  Is it possible to use use apps without one user having access to the
work of another user?

Any information regarding the use of tablets in a tutoring center would be
greatly welcomed.

Thank you,
Kimberly Courtwright

Kimberly Courtwright
Student Success Coordinator
Academic Enrichment
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