Do you wish to gain national recognition for your learning center?  Would you like some 
financial support with professional development?  (Wouldn't we all?!)

My learning center at Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana) won the Frank L. Christ 
Outstanding Learning Center Award for 4-Year Institutions in 2010, and the recognition 
this garnered for our center at our institution and nation-wide was fantastic!

Check out the National College Learning Center's grants, scholarships and awards!  
Deadlines are approaching, but there is still time to apply.  The deadline for all grants, 
awards, and scholarships is May 31, with the exception of the Karen Quinn NCLCA 
Institute Scholarship, which is April 15.

Here's a brief rundown, but please check out our website for more info:

1. The Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award (Deadline May 31)

Each year, NCLCA will recognize two learning assistance centers for excellence: one two-
year college (Technical, Community, etc.) and one four-year college or university. 
Awards will be announced and presented each year at the annual conference.

2. Innovative Use of Technology Award (Deadline May 31)

To recognize individuals, learning centers, or institutions that use innovative technology 
solutions focused on the learning center to improve student learning, assist learners who 
may learn differently, improve resource usage, increase student engagement, or enhance 
learning strategies.

3. NCLCA/LSCHE Website Excellence Award (Deadline May 31)

Sites will be judged by a panel that may include a student, faculty member, current or 
former learning center administrators, past years' first-place award winners, LSCHE 
editors, NCLCA officers, and a non-learning center web master.

4. Julia Visor Award (No deadline; see below)

All full-time or part-time graduate students who present at the NCLCA annual conferences 
are eligible for this award. No application is necessary other than submitting the annual 
conference proposal, indicating graduate student status on the cover sheet of the 
proposal, and registering as a graduate student at the conference.  Two $500 awards are 

5. Brenda Pfaehler Professional Development Grant (Deadline May 31)

The purpose of the NCLCA Brenda Pfaehler Professional Grant is to foster the professional 
growth of our members.  It will be awarded to members of NCLCA to assist in research, 
leadership, and/or curriculum innovation.  Each year, NCLCA sets aside $1,000 to fund 
one or more projects.  The exact number of awards depends on the quality of the 
proposals received.  

6. Hunter Boylan Research Scholarship (Deadline May 31)

The Hunter Boylan Research Scholarship is awarded to recognize completed research 
related to how Learning Centers contribute to student academic success as well as 
persistence.  Each year, one scholarship award winner will receive $1,000 for research 
and travel expenses, one waived conference registration, and a guaranteed presentation 

7. Karen Quinn Institute Scholarship (Deadline April 15)

Are you in your first two years as a learning center professional? Here is an opportunity 
for you to attend the annual NCLCA Institute with a registration scholarship. The Karen 
Quinn NCLCA Institute Scholarship will be awarded the spring prior to the Institute. 

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