We're also pretty open with sharing tutoring attendance data with the instructor of record for the course.  We don't consider that a FERPA problem, since the instructor assigning the grade definitely has a legitimate educational interest in knowing who has been coming for extra help and who has not, especially if there are grade incentives for attending tutoring.  

We also share tutoring data with the coordinators and advisors in special programs on campus.  For example, we have a pilot finish-in-four program this year called ACE which provides students with their own academic advisors, success coaches, and career advisors over and above what is available to the general student body.  Their advisors strongly encourage them to take advantage of tutoring services, and it's important for them to know of students are following up.  Likewise with the NCAA compliance officer.  We consider that a legitimate educational interest, although that's less clear-cut than it is with faculty.

Michele Costabile Doney, MSEd
Director, Math & Science Resource Center
Adjunct Instructor, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Recording Secretary, Higher Education Officers Council
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We absolutely share studentsí names with faculty for tutoring appointments (but not academic coaching).  Our approach is to be as transparent as possible with faculty about the work we are doing with their students.  We have found that this helps to engender a high degree of trust and support from faculty.  In years past we would occasionally encounter a student who wished to remain anonymous while receiving tutoring assistance, but I canít remember the last time Iíve heard such a request.  We use TutorTrac, and we have a daily automated routine in place that copies faculty on their studentsí visits to our tutoring center.  This includes the tutorís notes from the visit, which the faculty members generally appreciate getting.

Bruce Epps
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From: Megan Penyack <[log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>>
Date: Monday, March 28, 2016 at 2:44 PM
Subject: Sharing names of tutees with Faculty


I apologize if this subject has come up often but I've had trouble finding what I'm looking for in the archives. I was wondering if those of you who coordinate tutoring/tutor centers provide the names of students who come for tutoring to their faculty members. If your center has a clear written policy either way, would you be able to share it with me?

We do not provide faculty with names but are happy to work with faculty and students when it comes to best supporting the student. However, we have had an increase in the number of faculty who are asking for the names and we are trying to get a sense of best practices and what might work best for everyone involved. For example, if you do share the names of students who come in for tutoring with their faculty, how are students made aware of that?

Thank you,

Megan Penyack, MATESOL, EdM
Coordinator of Academic Services
Center for Academic Excellence
Berry Library and Learning Commons, 131
Salem State University

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