Hi Donna, 

Our subject-specific tutoring program was previously decentralized. At that time, we did not use WCOnline to schedule appointments because tutors and their assigned clients were responsible for coordinating their own meeting times and locations. All tutor-matching to clients was done via paper forms and Excel. This decentralized model raised several major concerns for us regarding validity of tutoring records and time cards, supervision of staff in compliance with Federal Work Study regulations, support of tutors, center contact with student clients, etc. We slowly migrated to a centralized location in the math & science building on our campus, and using WCOnline was an invaluable tool in that process. 

We began by reserving empty classrooms and study rooms in the library and other academic locations on campus, and used those as "satellite" spaces for tutoring to occur. Rather than setting their own schedules on the fly, we worked with tutors to establish regular weekly schedules (e.g., Johnny works every Tues/Thurs from 3-5) and assigned them to one of the reserved spaces. This allowed students to make appointments and know exactly when and where to meet their tutor, and it also allowed us to begin providing drop-in help. 

It took about a year of this before we were "given" a space on campus exclusively for tutoring. Our current tutoring center is located in a defunct computer lab in the math and science building. We also have a Writing Center space in the humanities building (where it has been for nearly 40 years). We use the same WCOnline subscription for both locations. 

To address your concern, I think a scheduling site like WCOnline only really works for scheduling if you can impose some form of control over the times/locations that tutoring occurs. Without changing your model, I think the only way WCOnline would be useful is for tutors to log "off-schedule" report forms in order to keep records of tutoring sessions online. WCOnline has some nice reporting features that are easier than processing paper records or keeping things in a separate Excel file. But it that's the only use you would get out of WCOnline, it's probably not worth the cost as you could approximate something similar via Google Forms. 

If you'd like to connect on or off-list to discuss WCOnline or how we migrated to a centralized model, I'd be happy to chat with you. 


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Hi Keira, 
WCOnline just did a demo for us this morning and looks like a potential good fit for our Center. One concern we have is that it may not be suitable for individualized peer tutoring because we don’t have a tutoring center that students come to. In our system, the tutor and the tutee figure out where and when they will meet each week. Do you have a centralized tutoring location? Do you have any thoughts on my concern? I would also like to hear feedback from others who are using WCOnline… 
Thanks All, 

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Dear colleagues: 

We are in the position of needing to investigate software platforms that combine student retention, tutoring scheduling, advising scheduling, etc. into one program as a cost-saving measure. 
Our institution currently uses MAP-Works/SkyFactor as our student retention software platform. Our tutoring programs use WCOnline. MAP-Works has largely been a disaster, but WCOnline is working very well. 

Our instructional technologist found that SmartEvals is developing a student retention platform called DropGuard. Have any of you have experience with this platform? Are there other platforms you use successfully to combine student retention and various appointment scheduling features? 

Thanks, all, for your feedback. 

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