Good afternoon colleagues,

My institution is shopping for an early alert system. There are multiple products on the market, but I hope to reach out to those experienced in running an early alert system to determine the following:

*         Do you have preferred program/software?

*         Who manages your early alert system and delegates the alerts (i.e., Academic Support, Academic Affairs, Student Success, etc.)?

*         In shopping for this program, there are many factors we must consider. In your experience, what factors need to be considered? I want to ensure that when we go through the selection process, we are not overlooking vital components for our institutional needs.

Thank you for your input.


Amber Joy Wheeler, M.Ed.
Academic Support Director
[cid:[log in to unmask]]South Georgia State College
Powell Hall, Room 212
100 W. College Park Drive
Douglas, GA  31533
(912) 260-4415

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