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This discussion is looking at 2 elements: online tutoring and online
tutoring platforms.  I was very excited to find GoBoard for online
tutoring, because it finally had the things I was looking for.

   - 2 way video, so tutor and student could both see and talk with each
   - easy to use whiteboard. We don't have to download anything.
   - great built in math tools (and chemistry and physics)
   - works for writing as well. Students can text their paper right into
   the white board. Tutors can write right on top of the paper, circle areas
   for improvement and highlight areas for discussion. Students can then
   export the session to work on their word documents offline.
   - We can use our own tutors.
   - Best of all, it fits in our budget.  It's FREE.

Lucy MacDonald
CRLA Technology/ Distance Learning SIg

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