We are exploring adding to our Writing Lab, which is currently all professional tutors with backgrounds in Composition, Literature, Communication, ESL, and similar fields, a few TAs who can assist students with discipline-specific writing/communication needs, e.g., Engineering, Business, and Forensics.

I'm trying to anticipate some of the issues that may arise in terms of recruitment (Our graduate students in at least two of these fields are largely ESL populations or part-time students if they're domestic.), ability to support a more diverse population (not just their specific program), likelihood of them being able to quickly pick up the communication expectations of our program if they did their undergraduate work elsewhere, training, etc.

Additionally, we're exploring setting up a for-credit tutor training program for prospective students, new TAs, etc.  We're CRLA certified through Level III and comfortable with our curricula, but I'm considering how to integrate faculty in the disciplines the students will be supporting in the latter portion of a class-based model and would love to touch bases on anything you've done in this area as well.

I'll be at the ATP Conference in Chicago from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon and would love to touch bases with anyone who's been down this road for advice and/or to share my thoughts if you're also exploring it.

I'm also open to receiving any private emails if you're open to sharing your experiences and won't be at the ATP.  Thanks!


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