Hello Everyone,


We are looking to revamp how advising and registration are handled during orientation, and I am wondering how it is done at your institutions.  I've been the Director of the Student Success Center since August of 2015 and before that I was faculty, so I have no previous experience with the administrative side of the process.  I should also mention that we are a small, open access university (approx.. 4000 students) and none of the advising is done through Admissions; it is all done through professional academic advisors in the Student Success Center or done by faculty advisors.  


Currently, the students are brought into the Student Success Center in groups and are seated in chairs off to the side as they wait for their turn with an advisor.  While they wait for their turn, the students just sit there bored.  The advisors include the six advisors from the Student Success Center who advise the underprepared students and the undecided, and then the chairs from each academic department are there to advise students who have indicated they want to major in an area covered by that academic department.  Once the student is advised, he or she moves to a computer lab within the Success Center and registers for the courses.  The entire process takes about  an hour per group.  One complaint that administration has about the advising/registration process is that the department chairs are usually advising maybe 10 students over a four hour period and usually end up chatting with each other or reading a book while the professional academic advisors are swamped and advise 25-40 students over four hours.


We are looking for ways to make this process more streamlined, productive, and enjoyable for the students and the advisors.  Any ideas or direction you can give would be appreciated.


Thanks for your help!



Glenna Heckler-Todt, M.A., Cert. Dev. Ed. Specialist

Advising and Academic Resources Director

Student Success Center

Shawnee State University



NADE Motto:"Helping underprepared students prepare, prepared students advance, and advanced students excel."


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