If you are interested in collaboration and networks, join these great upcoming events hosted by the University of Colorado Denver's Center for Collaborative Governance.


Thursday, March 17 Webinar: Six Characteristics of High-Performance Networks for Network Leadership If we are investing time in a network as a leader or participant, wouldn't we prefer that our network operate with excellence and its efforts land right on target? High-performance networks don't happen accidentally- they are marked by specific characteristics that set them apart from the pack. Join this webinar where visionSynergy senior network advisor Dave Hackett shares six characteristics of high-performance networks from his 25+ years experience working with international multi-organizational networks.  Click here to register


Thursday, April 21 Webinar: Developing a Framework for High Impact Collaboratives: A Funder’s Perspective: Learn how network leadership can be used to develop collaborative initiatives from a funder’s perspective. Joe Mendyka, Vice President of Community Impact at Foothills United Way, will discuss the process of developing the Framework For High-Impact Community Initiatives and the importance of understanding the purpose of strategic partnerships for community initiatives, discerning when these partnerships are appropriate, and what key elements to attend to in their development and maintenance.  Click here to register.


4th Annual Network Leadership Training Academy (NLTA)- May 16-18, Denver:  The NLTA is a place where network leaders gather to learn, share ideas and develop skills for engaging in the "network way of working." This 3-day interactive workshop is focused on building, managing and evaluating effective networks and includes topics such as facilitation skills, conflict management, and collective impact for network leadership. Early registration rates end April 4th.  You can find more information and register at www.spa.ucdenver.edu/nlta 


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