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Here is a reminder about the Sunbelt workshop on EgoWeb. If you are looking for software options for collecting social network data in a variety of formats, EgoWeb might be what you need! 


You can see more info here: egoweb.info.  Also you can download the software here from github and follow the installation instructions in the wiki on github.  I will be updating the wiki and instructions between now and the workshop.  Let me know if you have questions.  Hope to see you at Newport Beach!





EgoWeb 2.0: Flexible Social Network Data Collection Software


Session Time: Tuesday April 5th, 8:00am-11:00am


Workshop Length: 1 session (3 hours)



David Kennedy (RAND Corporation), [log in to unmask]

Marie Kennedy (Loyola Marymount University)


In this workshop, attendees will learn to use EgoWeb 2.0, an open-source and freely available software option for network data collection, administration, and analysis for a variety of data collection modes. Attendees of the workshop will learn to create and author data collection instruments that can be administered on laptops, mobile tablets, or over the web. It can be used to collect personal network data as well as complete and cognitive networks.


Attendees of this workshop will learn:

· to easily set up EgoWeb to run on a commercial web hosting site and how to collect data in the field without a live internet connection using iPads or laptops.

· to set up EgoWeb to send invitations via email for respondents to answer social network survey questions through a web browser.

· to program surveys that ask questions about network alters generated from scratch or that generate responses about alters chosen from a roster.  EgoWeb has flexible skip-logic capabilities and a variety of question presentation options to reduce the respondent burden that is typical of social network interviews. EgoWeb also provides instant visualization of network data collected during an interview to facilitate exploratory/ qualitative data collection about a personal network. EgoWeb provides basic analysis output and exports data in a simple format for analysis in standard network analysis packages such as R.

· options for exporting and analyzing EgoWeb data.


Additional EgoWeb 2.0 information can be found at egoweb.info and www.rand.org/methods/egoweb



David P. Kennedy, Ph.D.
Senior Behavioral / Social Scientist
RAND Corporation
1776 Main Street, M5S
Santa Monica, CA 90407-2138
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Fax:  (310) 260-8175
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