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Dear all,

this is my first question here!


following problem:


I have data on a certain complex association network (from monomers 1 ... 8
to complexes of all combinations, such as, 12 ... 13 ... 18 and so on until
12345678, so that I know


the structure of the network (255 vertices) the edges of the network the
concentrations of the vertices From this data I now wish to infer the
preferred route(s) of assembly for those complexes - which should be the
rate constants for the edges, such as 1 --> 12 or 145 --> 1458. Does that
make sense? Final result should be a set of paths of length 8 starting from
(1..8) ending up at (12345678).


I have now tried various standalone applications for network
creation/analysis as well as R packages. Metabolic flux analysis seemed
promising for me, but it turned out that it only works with set external
concentrations and assumes steady-state for all metabolites within the
network. Which is not the case for me. Do you know of any alternative


Thanks and best wishes,




Simon Prisner

PhD student

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin / Max-Delbrück-Centrum Berlin

AG Molekulare Biophysik  -  Institut für Biologie, Invalidenstraße 42,
10115 Berlin, Germany

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