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Dear socnet mailing list members.

Pajek and PajekXXL 4.09 are now available. 
Some non-Windows users reported problems when running Pajek installer.
Therefore in addition to installation file (exe) now also zip file is available.
In addition to usual small improvements, speed-ups, and bug fixes (see history)  
version 4.09 brings new vertex shapes and possibility to use transparency/opacity 
in visualizations:

When exporting to EPS and SVG additional vertex shapes: 'house', 'manand 'woman
are now available  (in addition to ellipse, box, diamond, and triangle).
Thanks to Stephen Muth for providing PostScript codes for the new shapes.
See examples:
The three shapes are added to Export / Options / Shape as well.
In Draw window 'house' is replaced by a triangle, 'man' by a box, and 'woman' by an ellipse.

SVG: Transparency of Lines added to Export / Options.
Transparency (opacity) is a number between 0.00 (lines drawn fully transparent) and 
1.00 (lines drawn fully opaque - default). See:

SVG: Transparency of Vertices added to Export / OptionsSee:

The problem of 'unwanted visibility' of lines behind transparent vertices
can be solved in the following way:

You are welcome to check the history and download Pajek 4.09 at:
or (mirror)
With best wishes.
Andrej Mrvar


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