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The ACM IUI conference has just started, and we have an exciting three days
of talks ahead of us!

This year we're attempting an experiment in which we will livestream the
technical program of the conference, which we expect to include the
keynotes and paper presentations.  Once the stream is live, you'll be able
to follow along here:

The conference starts Monday 7th morning at 8:45am Pacific time.  The
program for the conference can be found here on the Conference Navigator:

We want to emphasize that this is an experiment, the technology may not
work occasionally or at all, and presenters will be allowed to opt-out so
not all content may be streamed.  Please be patient if things don't seem to
be working and we'll attempt to send updates to our twitter account at
@acmiui as the conference progresses.

If you're not able to make the conference, we hope that you'll get a chance
to enjoy the live stream!

Jeffrey Nichols, John O'Donovan, Jalal Mahmud
IUI 2016 General Chairs

Denis Alejandro Parra Santander
IUI 2016 Publicity chair
Profesor Asistente, DCC
Escuela de IngenierĂ­a, PUC Chile
+56 (2) 2354-4442

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