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Call for Abstracts for the organized session

Qualitative analysis of multimodal networks

at the conference

Networks in the Global World 2016

Multiple Structures and Dynamics:

Applications of Network Analysis to European Societies and Beyond


July 1-3, St. Petersburg, Russia

Extended deadline: March 15 2016


Chair: Ronald Breiger, University of Arizona

Invited speaker: Frederic Godart, INSEAD

Currently, more and more qualitative researchers are joining the field of social network analysis, while quantitative network scholars increasingly also rely on qualitative approaches. Such a situation of cross-pollination can be particularly fruitful for the development of growing areas of network research, one of which is multimodal networks.

This session aims to facilitate contributions that use qualitative frameworks in addressing multimodal network data. One important issue is the collection and coding of data combining any types of interpersonal networks, semantic networks, cognitive networks, organizational networks, material objects networks, spaces and places networks, or other types of networks in diverse settings. Those settings may include a wide range of spheres, from science and technology or organizational and institutional contexts, to social movements, urban spaces, local communities, artistic groups, and others. The papers submitted to the session may discuss the potential in multimodal network data collection of ethnography-based methods and narrative inquiries, or combinations of those with more formal techniques such as network surveys or automated textual analysis.  Other proposals are also most welcome. Especially interesting are techniques for longitudinal data collection and analysis.

Other pivotal issues are dealing with analytical techniques of qualitative network analysis that study how lines and nodes of ontologically different types are related – including multiple and multilevel perspectives – as well as strategies to compare networks across cultures, societies, states, economies, and cities. In this regard a possible question to address at the session is how network visualizations can be analyzed in a qualitative logic. Qualitative analysis techniques tackling the co-evolution of different types of networks are particularly welcome.

Theoretical grounding and methodology of multimodal data collection and analysis techniques can also provide the focus of papers submitted to this session.

Finally, papers dealing with the issues of mixing qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as the ways to integrate software in qualitative network research would be of interest.


Please submit your abstract (not exceeding 200 words) here before extended deadline: March 15th 2016.

When submitting, don’t forget to select the session title “Qualitative analysis of multimodal networks" from the list.


The conference website provides additional information.


We are looking forward to your contributions.


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