<< The concept of storing all the eggs in one basket has always been problematic.  These massive libraries seem to present E-Discovery nightmares.>>

It's not often I disagree with Hugh, this is one of those times.  My experience has been that managing records and information assets like Warren Buffet manages investments is the way to go:  " Put all you eggs in the basket and watch that basket."  One of the my big reasons for doing so is to simplify eDiscovery efforts.  Granted it takes more time to go through larger collections and the results lists can be massive.  Fewer collection and search configurations are a benefit as is the significant reduction in unnecessary duplication often associated with multiple smaller collections.  (Users are a lot like squirrels, the bury nuts (content) everywhere so they will be sure to find one where ever they look.)

Besides, I am Irish, love ribs and I look forward to the seasonal offering of the McRib. 

Bill Roach, CRM
Manager, Record Retention
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