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For those heading to the 2016 Sunbelt Social Network Conference, there 
is still some space in the workshop: "Introduction to Social Network 
Data Collection with an Emphasis on Social Survey Methods", April 6th, 
8:00am,  Newport Beach.

Registration is available onsite.

See details at:

Description: This workshop is intended for relative newcomers to social 
network analysis. This workshop will provide an introduction to social 
network data collection with an emphasis on social survey methods. The 
workshop will consider a variety of related methodological issues such 
as measurement, sampling, data analysis, and ethics, as well as the 
linkage of these issues to data collection. Different types of data 
collection techniques will be illustrated such as the name generator, 
position generator, and name roster. The different opportunities and 
constraints associated with data collection for whole versus 
ego-networks will be considered. Some discussion of non-survey 
techniques may also be provided. Some attention may also be given to 
mixed methods.

Instructor: D.B. Tindall

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