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The reception for Connections has been moved forward to 6pm, today
Wednesday. This is open to all Sunbelt participants and has in the past
provided a platform for feedback and an opportunity for potential
contributors to meet the editorial Board.  Also a good opportunity to thank
our authors and reviewers.

The reception will be held at the Presidential suite of the Marriot, with
instructions of how to reach at the registration desk.

We thank Kayla de la Haye, the conference organisers and the INSNA Board
for facilitating this event.

Dimitris Christopoulos


Identifying Fragments in Networks for Structural Balance and Tracking the
Levels of Balance Over Time
Patrick Doreian & Andrej Mrvar

Who Says Networks, Says Oligarchy? Oligarchies as “Rich Club” Networks
Christopher Ansell, Renata Bichir & Shi Zhou

Social Exchange Networks: A Review of Experimental Studies
Sabine Neuhofer, Ilona Reindl & Bernhard Kittel

Network Influences on Behavior: A Summary of Tom Valente’s Keynote Address
at Sunbelt XXXV: The Annual Meeting of the International Network for Social
Network Analysis
Stephanie Dyal

The South Carolina Network Exchange Datasets
John Skvoretz

The “Madre Sana” Dataset
Sabina Gesell & Eric Tesdahl

Dr Dimitris Christopoulos

Department of Public Governance & Sustainable Development
MODUL University Vienna

+44 796 858 1009

Editor, Connections


*Christopoulos, D.*, Ingold, K. ‘Exceptional or just well connected?
Political entrepreneurs and brokers in policy making’ The *European
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*Christopoulos, D.*, Vogl, S. ‘The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The
roles, agendas and relations of altruistic economic actors’ *The Journal of
Social Entrepreneurship*, 6(1), 1-30, 2015, DOI: 10.1080/19420676.2014.954254

*Christopoulos, D.* 'The impact of social networks on leadership behaviour'
Methodological Innovations January-December 2016 9: 2059799116630649,


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