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Hello Socnetters,

If you work with citation networks, co-publishing networks, or other bibliographic networks, or if you are interested in large networks or network visualization, you should join this year's Viszards Session at Sunbelt.


The aim of this session is to demonstrate the richness and power of network analysis, in particular when supported by visualization. We therefore present a multi-perspective analysis of a single data set, utilizing a broad range of visualization methods. Rather than a series of contributions on related subjects, this session features a single, joint presentation by all contributors. Consequently, NO abstract submission is needed. Also, the presentations in this session are shorter (7-10 min) - the goal is to show a method, an approach, something interesting. Putting it together the night before is fine. :)

This year's Viszards session will analyze the Microsoft Academic Graph (http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/mag/). Different analyses are possible: The networks are over time and include authors, affiliations, fields of study, and keywords. A special emphasis should be given to comparison and validation of existing algorithms. All SNA researchers are invited to join the session with their contribution by contacting [log in to unmask]


Here you can find more info about the data and a "smaller" extracted dataset related to SNA literature:


Best wishes,
Vladimir Batagelj, Katy Borner, Ulrik Brandes, Seok-Hee Hong, Jeffrey C. Johnson, Lothar Krempel, Juergen Lerner, Andrej Mrvar, Juergen Pfeffer



Juergen Pfeffer

Professor of Computational Social Science & Big Data

Technical University of Munich / Bavarian School of Public Policy




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