I have been a corporate RIM manager for 19 years.  Then along comes the
term Information Governance management (manager).  I like what IG brings to
the table, but believe an informed, continuously educated and motivated RIM
manager, should bring the same.  IG, like many, vendor (associated) induce
terms is just trying to put lipstick on the proverbial pig.

Albeit – IG (like any educational tool or effort) should have RIM managers
thinking about expansion of their duties, education and responsibilities,
but do we actually need a buzzword to make that happen.
Records…Information…Management – what else do we need to encompass – I can
think of a few things – corporate information strategies and tactics.
Bringing awareness to organizational leadership that information is an
asset to be assessed, analyzed and managed, but does it need a new lipstick

Please understand I believe the proponents of IG have done RIM a favor –
they have made us think about more than offsite storage, content management
applications and disposition.  However, I prefer to be known as the RIM
manager, who can bring value to the company when it comes to making our
informational assets an asset.

My thought is don’t re-label – don’t increase the confusion for RIM
professionals or company employees, increase the value of what is familiar
and recognizable to an organization.  Thanks for allowing me to share my

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