Hi All,

Sorry for the late post but have chased birds twice this week in Florida 
from metro Atlanta and just now catching up.

I had been wanting to see a Lazuli Bunting in the southeast for some years 
but it had just never quite worked out.  I saw Karen Chaisson's eBird report 
on Wednesday the 6th but was hoping for more and later sighting 
confirmations prior to chasing the bird as I had to wait until the weekend at 
least.  Well, no reports on the bunting were to be seen through Saturday 
evening on the 9th so I was kind of wistfully letting the bird go until... right 
before bed I made a final sweep of Florida listservs for any good news and 
found John Murphy's earlier 10:24pm Saturday night post of his sighting of 
the Lazuli that day at around 4pm!

Gloriosky!  Instead of going to bed then I packed up a little bit and headed 
for the coastal Florida panhandle arriving about 380 miles distant at the 
Sugar Hill Campground of the Dr. Julian G. Bruce St. George Island State 
Park in Franklin County at about 9:15 Sunday morning, and refound the 
bird at about 10:45!  It was really great to meet Bill Phelan and the other 
Lazuli chasers who arrived later in the morning, I think everyone was able 
to see the bunting.

Relocated with several Indigo Buntings near or in campsite 58 and 60 at 
about 10:45am.
Coordinates: 29.7205675,-84.74603
GPS: N 29 43.234 W 84 44.762


I was able to get a little handheld phonescoped video of the Lazuli which 
some may enjoy.  The video clips and still frames can be downloaded at the

041016 Lazuli Bunting St George Island SP FL

folder on my Box site at:

All also easily available on Flickr at:

Handheld phonescoped video and still frames may be best viewed on a 
large screen.


A quick and easy view of some still frames of the bird can be had via the 
eBird checklist as well:


Information concerning how to use Apple MOV movie files can be read in 
my MOV Video File How-To.txt available at:
Some of the video files on the site can be a bit large and may take some 
minutes to download if you don't have high-speed internet access, but it 
may be best to download them to your desktop or somewhere on your 
computer before running them in QuickTime. That way they may run faster 
and you can keep them if you like them too. Being handheld and usually at 
a very high magnification they can sometimes get a little jittery, but they 
are still worth a look, especially since you can drag through frame by frame 
in QuickTime and pause the video on the best parts, playing at half speed 
in QuickTime can also be a good idea.


Thanks again Florida and Good Birding All!


Mark McShane
Georgia Birder-At-Large
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

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