Hello BESTers,

Next week, the food waste awareness group, Feedback, will be hosting 
New York City’s first Feeding the 5000 event in Union Square.  Feeding 
the 5000 events (named after the biblical story of Jesus feeding 5000 
people with 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish) are one-day public events in 
which food that would otherwise go to waste is prepared and distributed 
to the public for free (targeting 5000 people).  The goal of these 
events is to raise awareness of food waste and the role recovering 
edible food has in reducing hunger.  Feedback has held 34 of these 
events since 2009, mostly in Europe and a few in North America.  I’m 
not sure if we have any BESTers in the NYC area, but if so, hopefully 
you’ll be able to stop by.

Have a great weekend,


Feeding the 5,000 Addresses Food Waste With Free Meals in Union Square
Sara Ventiera
The Village Voice
May 2, 2016