May 12, 2016






College Graduate Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Coordinators, and Staff



Henry T. Frierson, Associate Vice President and Dean of the Graduate School



NSF-GRFP Fellow Supplements Paid From Federal Funding Sources


Please note that the following information DOES NOT apply to Graduate School supplements provided to Graduate School Fellowship (GSF) awardees who were awarded full GSFs and received major external fellowships that are not NSF-GRFPs.


Specifically, for graduate students who have received NSF-GRFP awards, there has been some confusion about the use of federal funds to pay added supplement funding in conjunction with the NSF-GRFP stipend. 


We have discussed this situation with our NSF representative and have been informed that supplemental top-ups to NSF-GRFP fellows’ stipends may be paid from federal grant funds.  An exception is that these supplemental top-ups CANNOT be paid from any other federal fellowship programs. 


For academic units choosing to pay the supplement from federal grants, the payments must comply with the grant rules and UF’s employment rules.


The Graduate School and Human Resources Academic Personnel recommend paying these supplements to NSF-GRFP fellows as a stipend using the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) form with the salary admin plan of “fellowship” and the reason code “graduate school fellow”.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact Stephanie Nielsen at [log in to unmask] or Rhonda Moraca at [log in to unmask].