Dear Graduate Coordinators and Staff:

The Graduate School is in the process of finalizing Fall 2016 orientation activities for new graduate students. As a reminder, students will have the option of utilizing four different orientation resources throughout the summer:

1) Orientation activities and materials as developed and provided by the various departments or other academic units.

2) The Graduate School’s in-person New Graduate Student Orientation for students in all graduate majors, is scheduled for Monday, August 15th. TA Orientation is scheduled for Tuesday, August 16th. More details can be found at:

3) Two pre-arrival Online Orientation resources are offered using Canvas, including:

a) International Student Orientation (also called Voyages) which will be released in the next two weeks;

b) The Graduate Online Orientation, which will also be released in the next two weeks;

4) The New Graduate Student Orientation landing page (listed above) is available, for updates on the in-person orientation and other relevant online resources. This page will be updated periodically throughout the summer, so please check back for further information.

To better reach all incoming graduate students for the Fall semester, please take some time to update your applicants’ final admission status in ISIS Admin by May 27th, 2016. It would be particularly helpful if you could cancel any admitted students who have indicated that they will not be enrolling in your program this Fall. This step will greatly assist us in providing these resources only to the most accurate list of admitted students who intend to enroll this Fall.

On May 27th, an e-mail will be sent from the Dean of Students Office to admitted students regarding the Canvas-based orientation opportunities, Voyages and the Graduate Online Orientation.

For questions about the Graduate School’s in-person and online orientation resources, please contact Matt Mitterko at [log in to unmask]; for questions about the pre-arrival Canvas orientation resources provided by the Dean of Students Office, please contact Kris Klann at [log in to unmask]. We greatly appreciate your assistance in coordinating orientation activities this Fall.