Good afternoon colleagues,

Together with my colleagues Michelle Hagerman and Heather Woods from the University of Ottawa, we are surveying and interviewing educators from K-12 to higher ed to see how they integrate new and digital literacies into instruction. The project is referred to as the Digitally Literate Research Project. 

We are conducting this work with the support of the Literacy, eLearning, Communication, and Culture Committee (LECC) of the ILA. We would appreciate your support in this endeavor. 

We recently launched our survey to collect participant data. Click here to go directly to the survey. We will follow-up with interviews of participants using survey data and snowball sampling. 

This is an open research project. We are sharing the data collection tools openly online. We will also include our researcher notes in open blog posts on the website mentioned above. Finally, we will also share participant interviews openly online. 

We would most appreciate your support in reaching out to educators in international contexts. We're currently in the process of translating materials as we piece together funding opportunities. Please let us know if you can help connect us to educators around the globe. Please also feel free to share the website and Twitter account to interested parties.

Thanks in advance. Please feel free to send us questions/comments/feedback.
-Ian, Michelle, and Heather


W. Ian O'Byrne, Ph.D.
College of Charleston
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