The Student Lingo workshops through Innovative Educators are also good online materials.  I would urge you to call it a Learning Strategies Lab instead of a Study Skills Lab.  Believe it or not, students react differently to study skills vs learning strategies.

Best of luck with it,

Saundra McGuire, Ph.D. 
Author, Teach Students How to Learn (Info at 
(Ret) Assistant Vice Chancellor  & Professor of Chemistry
Director Emerita, Center for Academic Success
Louisiana State University

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I have been task with creating a Study Skills Lab. So, as I am doing research I wondered if anyone has something similar. If you do please let me know, my Dean is looking for an 18 hour requirement, possible 36 hr. Computer based with regular workshops to supplement the computer component. We would have two tutors at all times in the lab, plus faculty doing workshops.

Thank you,

Josué Isaí Verduzco
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