I am also very interested in hearing from other schools about workshop attendance.  We have weekly study skills workshops and the attendance is down to nothing.  We have talked about this and would welcome any ideas.  I heard a speaker recently and this person wanted to try naming them Success Series (something without the work workshop because they think it turns students off).  The idea is to have half of the time with a guest speaker talking about their story of how they got to their position and/or other motivational type things and then the second half has study skills tips.

Susan Aube
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Hi all,

I work at a mid-sized community college, with about 1300 students in on-campus housing. We have attempted workshops (on various topics including time management, learning strategies, etc.) during our "welcome week" when the freshmen move to campus in the fall. There is never a good turnout for these, but we continue to feel that the information is important to provide.

Those of you with successful workshop programming: how do you get students to attend? How do you structure workshops within the broader welcome programming?
Those of you in similar situations: what do you do instead of workshops to communicate with a broader audience about academic success skills?

I apologize for already bringing up fall, but any thoughts are much appreciated! Thank you.

Samantha Campa
Academic Support Advisor
Iowa Western Community College
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