You might want to see which organizations on campus require students to attend workshops and what kind of topics they are looking for. We have worked with the STEM center in the past to design workshops they specifically needed. An honors program or probation one might also be a good partner.
We are moving in the direction of creating Canvas commons modules for tech topics as well as content. Faculty can pull them into their Canvas shells and assign or use them as they desire. It's a different model but it helps meet students where they are!
The workshops that we have had the most luck with are not specifically strategy but content/ test preparation. They have an outcome (test 1, etc.). We have been blending the conversations about strategies in with the content. Of course it helps when the teacher gives some kind of bonus points or some other carrot.

Vera Mayes
Learning Commons Coordinator, Math and Science
Tallahasee Community College
444 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32304


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Hi all,

I work at a mid-sized community college, with about 1300 students in on-campus housing. We have attempted workshops (on various topics including time management, learning strategies, etc.) during our "welcome week" when the freshmen move to campus in the fall. There is never a good turnout for these, but we continue to feel that the information is important to provide.

Those of you with successful workshop programming: how do you get students to attend? How do you structure workshops within the broader welcome programming?
Those of you in similar situations: what do you do instead of workshops to communicate with a broader audience about academic success skills?

I apologize for already bringing up fall, but any thoughts are much appreciated! Thank you.

Samantha Campa
Academic Support Advisor
Iowa Western Community College
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