My Dear Colleagues,

The latest episode in the IU Bloomington Student Academic Center's Online Video Series is out! - Episode 11: College Reading in 5.  For this one, we partnered with our colleague Stephanie Power-Carter, Associate Professor of Literacy, Culture, and Language Education.

As, always, this resource is free and open access.  Please link to, embed, excerpt, carve up, etc. the video, transcript, and accompanying resources with pedagogical abandon!

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Yes, in 5 - 5 strategies, that is, to improve your ability to read almost anything. From matching your approach to the source, to previewing, to taking notes (like a detective, lawyer, and judge), crack the code of this essential skill!

Here's some of what you'll find:

*         Interactive links to jump to the desired section of the video.

*         Full transcript available for download and used for closed captions.

*         Exercises designed to practice the strategies with textbook excerpts included in the "Downloads" section from 5 disciplines as well as one from an argumentative text.

*         A "References" tab with research that we specifically drew on or that otherwise supports many of the strategies we are suggesting.

Ways to access-


*         From the SAC website:

*         From our YouTube channel (IUB_SAC):


*         From IU Podcast Portal:

*         From iTunes:

I hope you find this useful for you and your students!


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