I hope someone out there is experienced with Accutrack as their tutoring center tracking system and can help me with an issue we are having.  We have an older version of Accutrack and it is no longer being supported by their customer service so we are looking into changing systems, but in the meantime we have run into an issue.  A specific student, who after having accumulated 1200+ hours of tutoring time over several years, is no longer able to sign-in to the system.  Every time she tries to sign-in instead of the system asking which subject and course she is seeking help in today the system reacts as though she is signing-out and thanks her for visiting.  This is true even with repeated multiple attempts to sign-in and has persisted for a couple weeks now.  If anyone has ever experienced anything like this your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Annette Klier

Math Specialist
Student Academic Success
Math Center, Room L132
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