I've recently started as the Program Manager for one of the tutoring departments that serves students at Shoreline Community College in Washington. My program is unique to me, but I hope there may be similar programs out there with which to connect. There are drop-in learning centers on campus, but the majority of what I oversee is neither the drop-in nor appointment-based models with which I'm experienced. Rather, we match students who apply with a one-on-one tutor for the full quarter, and then the students and tutors create their own schedules to meet regularly. At this time, any enrolled student can apply for two hours per week per subject throughout the quarter (so, one student may have multiple tutors, one for each class requested), but demand is exceeding budget significantly enough that I will likely be reducing to one hour per week per subject come Fall '16. The majority of our tutors are peer tutors, but we do also have many professional tutors (total, I have almost 150 tutors).  In a nutshell, what we do is akin to college-sponsored/college-provided, on-campus private tutoring.

Right now, I'm looking for anyone who has a comparable one-on-one tutoring model so that I can start picking your brain(s) about a variety of subjects: software or other electronic systems you use to coordinate requests/matches, your program's operational structure , your best practices, your training, etc.

If you have a similar one-on-one tutoring model or can refer me to someone who does, PLEASE REACH OUT! Thanks in advance for helping me navigate this unique (to me, anyway) model!


Karin A. Heffel Steele
Program Manager, Tutoring Services & Academic Support
Shoreline Community College
Library 4208

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