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A Biased Review of Biases in Twitter Studies on Political Collective Action

    In recent years researchers have gravitated to social media platforms, 
especially Twitter, as fertile ground for empirical analysis of social 
phenomena. Social media provides researchers access to trace data of 
interactions and discourse that once went unrecorded in the offline world. 
Researchers have sought to use these data to explain social phenomena both 
particular to social media and applicable to the broader social world. 
This paper offers a minireview of Twitter-based research on political 
crowd behavior. This literature offers insight into particular social 
phenomena on Twitter, but often fails to use standardized methods that 
permit interpretation beyond individual studies. Moreover, the literature 
fails to ground methodologies and results in social or political theory, 
divorcing empirical research from the theory needed to interpret it. 
Rather, papers focus primarily on methodological innovations for social 
media analyses, but these too often fail to sufficiently demonstrate the 
validity of such methodologies. This minireview considers a small number 
of selected papers; we analyze their (often lack of) theoretical 
approaches, review their methodological innovations, and offer suggestions 
as to the relevance of their results for political scientists and 

A Biased Review of Biases in Twitter Studies on Political Collective Action
Peter Cihon, Taha Yasseri

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