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Dear Socnetters

I am planning an interview-based social network data collection process
using tablet computers in a low-income (but relatively high literacy) South
African setting. Based on conversations with local residents, I would very
much like to provide respondents with an image of their egocentric network
to take-away (if they want to). We will re-interview people annually
(hopefully), so we could hand back results 12 months on, but an ideal
solution would involve printing in real-time in the field (or in the study
vehicle). I see this as both a "thank you" and potentially as a
recruitment/retention tool.

I am writing to ask if anyone has experience of handing egonets or similar
back to respondents (as opposed to drawing them with respondents on
computers), particularly if anyone has done this in a field as opposed to
an office/lab environment, and would be willing to describe how they went
about it. Or if anyone else has been wrangling with these ideas I'd be
delighted to share notes/thoughts.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions or ideas



Guy Harling
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Global Health and Population
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

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