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This is to update you on a new format for submitting articles to
Connections, one of the two official journals of INSNA (JOSS being our
sister online journal).

In our Editorial Board meeting in Newport Beach we took the decision to
appoint subject editors.  They are listed below.  The thematic areas of
cover are chosen on the basis of previous submissions to the Journal.

On future submissions please indicate the thematic area (or areas) that are
associated to your topic.  Articles should be sent to myself at this email
and I will then forward to the appropriate subject editors.

We are keen to receive articles where the research design element of a
study is explicit.  As you can see from previous issues, Connections is a
great venue for publishing research reports, new algorithms and new
applications as well as datasets.  Following member suggestions at our
meeting in Newport Beach I would also like to encourage articles on
pedagogic practice in teaching network analysis and survey instruments (see
list of editors).

There are no submission deadlines, no submission fees and no copyediting
fees.  The lead author receives a print of the journal and authors retain
copyright, as our journal follows an open access ethic. We produce a DOI
and post aproved articles online before they come out on our print edition.


Dimitris Christopoulos

politics & research design

Kate Coronges


Bruce Cronin

business networks & innovation

Jana Diesner

semantic networks & text mining

Kayla de la Haye

health & social psychology

Nick Harrigan

ERGMs & negative ties

Betina Hollstein

mixed methods & qualitative

Karin Ingold

politics & policy

Ian McCulloh

graph theory, blockmodels & clustering

Susie Pak


Elena Pavan

social media

Juergen Pfeffer

visualizations & centrality metrics

Kerstin Sailer

geographical & spatial networks

David Schaefer


Christophe Sohn

urban and regional studies

Olivier Walther

trade & dark networks


Juergen Pfeffer, DEN-Data Exchange Network

Alexandra Marin, DCI-Data Collection Instruments

I thank the new subject editors for accepting this responsibility and all
of you for your support to the journal, whether as authors, reviewers or


Dr Dimitris Christopoulos

Department of Public Governance & Sustainable Development
MODUL University Vienna

+44 796 858 1009

Editor, Connections


*Christopoulos, D.*, Ingold, K. ‘Exceptional or just well connected?
Political entrepreneurs and brokers in policy making’ The *European
Political Science Review*, 7(3), 475-498, 2015 DOI:
10.1017/S1755773914000277 & copy:

*Christopoulos, D.*, Vogl, S. ‘The Motivation of Social Entrepreneurs: The
roles, agendas and relations of altruistic economic actors’ *The Journal of
Social Entrepreneurship*, 6(1), 1-30, 2015, DOI: 10.1080/19420676.2014.954254

*Christopoulos, D.* 'The impact of social networks on leadership behaviour'
Methodological Innovations January-December 2016 9: 2059799116630649,

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