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Dear colleagues


In the context of a research project which involves 7 teams in 4 countries, we are looking for software which ideally allows us to:

-          Enter network and attribute data (plus attachments) in a decentralized way on a joint database by research teams.

-          Possibility to give stakeholders (with some kind of visiting login) the option to enter their own data.

-          Launch online queries in the dataset.

-          Present the network (and other) data in a built-in visualizer.

-          Easy export of data to other programs.


If anyone knows something in that direction, that would be super helpful. Thanks in advance! Manuel



Manuel Fischer, PhD


Department of Environmental Social Sciences (ESS)

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (Eawag)

Überlandstrasse 133

8600 Dübendorf




New publications:

Fischer, Manuel and Pascal Sciarini (2016). Drivers of Collaboration in Political Decision Making: A Cross-Sector Perspective. The Journal of Politics.

Fischer, Manuel and Martino Maggetti (2016). Qualitative Comparative Analysis and the Study of Policy Processes. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis.

Fischer, Manuel, Karin Ingold, Pascal Sciarini and Frédéric Varone (2016). Dealing with bad guys: actor- and process-level determinants of the “devil shift” in policy making. Journal of Public Policy.

Kunz, Nadja C, Manuel Fischer, Karin Ingold, and Janet G Hering (2016). Drivers for and against municipal wastewater recycling: a review. Water Science and Technology.

Fischer, Manuel (2015). Collaboration patterns, external shocks and uncertainty: Swiss nuclear energy politics before and after Fukushima. Energy Policy.

Fischer, Manuel and Philip Leifeld (2015). Policy forums: Why do they exist and what are they used for? Policy Sciences.

Sciarini, Pascal, Manuel Fischer and Denise Traber (2015). Political Decision-Making in Switzerland. The Consensus Model under Pressure. Palgrave Macmillan.


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