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Dear socnet mailing list members.

Pajek and PajekXXL 4.10 are now available. 
In addition to usual small improvements, speed-ups, and bug fixes (see history)  
version 4.10 brings


The highest possible number of vertices that Pajek64-XXL can handle 
increased to 1.999.999.997 (for ordinary Pajek the limit stays 999.999.997).
Also direct calling ordinary Pajek from Pajek-XXL (after extracting some smaller subnetwork 
using Pajek-XXL) is now available (Network / Send Network to Pajek). See also:


Some correlation indices added, e.g. 
- different assortativity indices,
- correlation between distances among vertices in Draw window and their geodesics distances.
Some users suggested to provide a Web Start versions of Pajek and Pajek-XXL:
someone can first run the new version to check if it is worth migrating to the latest version.
Therefore now - in addition to complete installation (using Install Shield or zip) - 
also Web Start versions of Pajek and Pajek-XXL are available:
to test Pajek you need only Internet access and any version of Windows.
Also simplified (and smaller in size) version of Pajek - Pajek Portable - is now available:
to use a portable version of Pajek you need only to copy one file
(the executable) to your memory stick. 

For motivation, key points, historical background, and key applications of Pajek see
(published recently):
Mrvar, A. and Batagelj, V. (2016):
Analysis and visualization of large networks with program package Pajek.
Complex Adaptive Systems Modeling, 4:6. SpringerOpen.

You are welcome to check the history and download Pajek 4.10 at:
or (mirror)
With best wishes.
Andrej Mrvar


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