> I was trying to help someone find that old flowchart that has been floating around for years.  If you've got it, please send to [log in to unmask]  It is a good starting point for discussions around "Is it a record?" or, better yet, "Is it a record...still?"
Most definitely an "it depends" situation.

It depends GREATLY on an organization's definition of a "record", and even in more general terms, if the organization is in the private or public sector, if there is any formal definition that must be complied with.

I think we've go item past this point and in most cases, the greater issue is the VALUE of the information container in the asset... Regardless of the form or format it takes. 

I know we've debated this for over a decade here, but given the manner in which information assets are generated, received, maintained and managed... Its "record" status has been marginalized.

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