A few years ago a handful of colleagues and I created something of a
grassroots movement consisting of professional records managers and records
management stakeholders who were interested in exploring new, innovative
methods for solving traditional information lifecycle management problems.
As some of you may recall, we had a rather nice website and several writers
who contributed to a steady flow of interesting original content.  We also
formed a corresponding LinkedIn group where we frequently communicated and
posted announcements about RM related events and job openings.

Due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e. the epic collapse of my own
business and the subsequent necessity to find a ‘real job’), I became
unable to spend the time necessary to maintain the quality of the site at a
level that I was comfortable with and I reluctantly shut it down after
about a year.

I did not, however, shut down the LinkedIn group and it still remains
active.  In fact, we are getting about one or two new members every week
and we are nearly at 300 people.  So, rather than formally shutting it down
too, I thought I would take a stab at re-energizing the group and see what
happens.  Tim Shinkle, VP at the venerable records and information
management consultancy, Millican Associates has kindly volunteered to serve
as co-moderator with me.

The site will continue to remain closed, so you have to request to join,
but welcome anyone interested in participating.  And we are going to
enforce a strict ‘no advertising’ policy.  Corporate blog posts are
certainly acceptable, but if something even remotely resembles marketing
material, it will be disallowed.  We’d like to focus entirely on innovative
records management discussions, jobs and related events.

So, if you haven’t already, please consider joining.  You can find the
group here:

I’ve posted the first discussion question just to get the ball rolling.