I am seeking guidance on the appropriate OCR choice when scanning text documents and saving as PDF/A-1b.  Adobe gives a few choices, and the two I am most interested in are: (1) searchable image and (2) searchable image (exact).

Specifically, I would like to find out which option is preferred to ensure the best OCR output and the most stable PDF/A file.

Here is what I think I know :):

- Searchable Image: Tweaks the file, not a true representation, OCR overlay on top [some say more accurate; not sure that bore out in my test], looks crisper, may not embed OCR font (?)
- Searchable Image (Exact): Does not tweak file, includes a hidden layer of OCR, looks a little less crisp, may not embed OCR font (?)

A secondary related question - on the scan settings, do you leave the box Optimize PDF checked or unchecked?

Your guidance is always appreciated.

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