In the digital world we take storage space for granted . But a new study
has calculated just how much space our megabytes and gigabytes would take
up if transferred to the real world.

For example, a 3.5-inch floppy disk holds 1.4MB of data, which is
equivalent to 280 pages of A4 paper filled with size 10 font.

The 128GB version of Apple's iPhone 6s can hold a lot more - the equivalent
of 12,800 storage boxes, each one containing 2,000 A4 pages full of text.
That's 12,600,000 sheets of paper.

Meanwhile the online resource Wikipedia boasts 33 terabytes of data - which
works out to 3,300,000 storage boxes of paper. If laid end-to-end, the
storage boxes would stretch from New York City to Chicago. Their combined
weight would be almost as much as the Eiffel Tower.

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