Though Passive House has its roots in North America, it has really been championed in Germany (at least the computer modeling, etc.), which is a colder and dryer climate. That is why it is more popular in the north as well as dryer climates where technologies such as heat recovery ventilation seem to work so well. Here in the south we have issues that are completely the opposite (hot and humid climatic zone), therefore what seems to be a positive for them (maximizing ambient heat sources and introducing/taking advantage of interior humidity), is a negative for us. Controlling humidity is a big issue in southern regions. And Passive House US is trying to come to grips with this reality in their modeling.
Rob Overly

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Subject: Re: Offsite builder, architect launch line of energy-efficient prefab homes
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Dear Mr. Overly,

Thank you for your insight and the reading suggestion! With so many different ways to achieve green housing, it can be difficult for the layman to consider the most appropriate options to work toward more sustainable designs in the current housing industry. I hope that the trend of Passive Housing is something that will take a firm root in America, and become a gateway for more sustainable housing practices in future. 


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I would like to further explain my support by stating that to be truly sustainable, one must first tackle approached to reduce energy demand (which is what passive house is doing) BEFORE thinking about alternative energy sources A great book that addresses this is Lovins "Reinventing Fire".
Rob Overly

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Subject: Offsite builder, architect launch line of energy-efficient prefab homes
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Offsite builder, architect launch line of energy-efficient prefab homes

Construction Dive: Construction and Builder News

June 14th, 2016


Hello BEST community,


Continuing the theme of “green housing” this week, there is news in regards to the building manufacturer Ecocor collaborating with an architect firm to design a new line of pre-fabricated houses in North America that will follow the Passive House standard. The Passive House standard is a voluntary international building standard that provides guidelines to drastically reduce heating and energy requirements in the home. It is a trend that is already established in Europe, and now Ecocor will become the first North American company solely dedicated to producing prefabricated Passive Houses. It is promising to consider that a system of more conscious home design will become established in North America, although it is interesting to note that filtered fresh air continues to trump open designs that take advantage of natural air flow.


Erica Winstead

Undergraduate Intern

2016 BioEnergy & Sustainability School

Soil and Water Science Department

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