Fleet Farming builds bike-powered urban farms


June 27th, 2016

Hello BEST community,

Continuing with this week's theme of urban farming, in our last post we have already seen how barges might be used to bring sustainable agriculture to water accessible communities. In conjunction with bringing agriculture to urban areas, there is a program that is harnessing the land potential already hidden amongst urban developments. Fleet Farming is a program that converts normal lawns into crop producing farmlettes. With aid from the community and volunteers, the program helps transform volunteers' backyards into gardens, which are then harvested, and the fresh produce sold to local venues. Most of the produce is transported locally using bicycles in order to cut down on carbon emissions, and the program helps to educate the community on the basics of gardening. Fleet Farming offers a great example of how even heavily urbanized areas might still have the potential to grow local food, and create healthy community outlets.

Erica Winstead

Undergraduate Intern

2016 BioEnergy & Sustainability School

Soil and Water Science Department

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