Pakistan International Airlines 3 Year Agreement

Symphony Environmental Technologies PLC

June 7th, 2016


Pakistan International Airlines has made a deal with Business Dynamics Pvt Ltd, a distributor for the British company Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc, to begin converting their normal flexible plastics to d2w biodegradable plastic. PIA is one of the largest airlines in Pakistan, so its conversion to more environmentally conscious packaging could provide an important incentive for other major transportation companies to also make a change. D2w is an additive that can be added to normal plastics in order to control the lifespan of the plastic. At the end of its life, d2w plastic will degrade in the presence of oxygen, leaving behind no harmful residues and breaking down small enough to be assimilated by microorganisms.  Although ideally we want to prevent any manmade materials from be lost to the environment, when plastics and other materials do escape as litter, oxo-degradable plastics provide an appealing alternative to plastics normally taking decades to decompose in nature. 



Erica Winstead

Undergraduate Intern

2016 BioEnergy & Sustainability School

Soil and Water Science Department

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