Dear Esteemed Holothuriologists,


Please see the attached e-mail from Helmut Berger concerning a new genus-name (Oloughlinius) that Doris and I had proposed in 2015 to replace the preoccupied synallactid name Meseres, not knowing that Dr. Berger had solved that particular problem in his 2011 Protozoa Ciliophora monograph with the new name Echinomeseres Berger, 2011.


Mark O’Loughlin, sorry about the short-lived genus-name!  Doris and I will try to find a handsome deep-sea holothurian to name after you!


Cheers, Dave Pawson.


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From: Helmut Berger [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 4:03 AM
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Subject: Information on Oloughlinius Pawson & Pawson in Pawson et al., 2015


Dear Dr. Pawson,


this is only an information.


Recently I saw your paper Pawson et al. (2015, Bull. Mar. Sci. 91, 167-204; p. 182) where you replaced Meseres Ludwig, 1893 by Oloughlinius Pawson & Pawson in Pawson et al., 2015 because of homonymy with the ciliate genus Meseres Schewiakoff, 1892. However, Meseres Ludwig, 1893 was already replaced by Echinomeseres Berger, 2011, p. 352 (Berger 2011, Monograph of the Gonostomatidae and Kahliellidae (Ciliophora, Hypotricha). Monographiae Biologica, 90, i-xiv, 1-741, Springer;  You can see the relevant page with google books).


Thus, Oloughlinius is a junior synonym of Echinomeseres.


Kind regards

Helmut Berger



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