Greetings, everyone, 

With the recent changes to the Federal Labor Standards Act, our institution (like yours, I'm sure) is exploring ways of addressing the need to convert a large number of staff from exempt/salaried to hourly status. 
I've been asked to look into how certain positions on campus may be retitled in order to either qualify for a pay bump over the FLSA threshold, or to otherwise qualify for one of the other types of exemption (i.e., the duties exemption). 

I've reviewed the position descriptions on the LSCHE site, but I have not found a source that explains in concrete terms the material difference between a Coordinator, Assistant Director, Associate Director, and Director. So I have three questions: 
1. Do any of you have guidelines for the number of years of experience or duties typically assigned to each of these position titles, or are there other guidelines that you use to determine the titling of positions? 
2. At institutions where one person is responsible for subject-specific tutoring AND the writing center, how is that position titled/classified? 
3. How are your institutions addressing the FLSA changes? 

Many thanks, all! 

Keira M. Hambrick, M.A. 
Academic Support Coordinator, Safe Zone Ally 

Academic Resource Center 
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