Hello All,
We love change!

With the new SAT structure, has anyone's state determined and then published 
remediation free standards for the new score structure?

In Ohio, the old SAT remediation free numbers were: Math - 520; Reading - 450; and 
Writing 430. The SAT web page lists the score translations or conversions as: Math - 550; 
and reading and writing are now combined into Evidence Based Reading and Writing - 

These numbers are important because in Ohio, we allow students who have completed 
seventh grade and test ready for college (based on remediation free standards) to take 
college classes. 

I gotta know the numbers before eighth grade students descend on my campus and turn 
us into an advanced middle school. Hypothetically.

All input is welcome.
Warm regards,

Suesann Sepela, MEd
Exec. Director TRiO SSS
Director of Learning Assistance
Miami University Hamilton
1601 University Blvd
Hamilton, OH 45044

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