We also use TutorTrac and have it set up to send automated appointment confirmation emails (at the time the appointment is booked) to both tutors and tutees, night-before reminders, cancelation confirmations, and no-show notices.  We also have activated the option to send appointment bookings as Outlook calendar invitations, which can be easily accepted and added to students’ calendars.  Students also have the option when they log into TutorTrac to opt in for automated text message appointment reminders, which they can manage (I’m not sure how many of them are actually doing this).  I am not aware of any serious complaints about getting inundated with automated messages, probably because these are services students are seeking out; they’re the ones making the appointments.  I believe this system definitely helps in reducing the number of last-minute cancelations and no-shows.

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From: "Askey, Kelly L." <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Monday, June 13, 2016 at 11:43 AM
Subject: Appointment Reminders

I was wondering if anyone uses an appointment reminder system where a text message (and/or email) is sent to the student to remind him or her of their tutoring appointments? If so, what do you use, how does it work, and has it be successful? In addition, I am interested to know if students are accepting of receiving reminders to their phones or email?

In my personal life, I've noticed more and more medical professionals and other appointment-based services are using text message reminders, and I don't minder getting them. I think that it could lower our incidence of no call/not shows if we sent reminders, as well, but since students would be getting them twice a week (if reminded before each tutoring appointment), I am not sure if that would be seen as being too disruptive or annoying.

I am thinking I could possibly use Google Calendar for this, but I'd also like to know of other no cost or low cost options.


Kelly Askey-Lodes
Peer Tutoring & Study Skills Development Program Supervisor

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