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The following info is intended for the participants of the Workshop 11
"Mining (together with a bit of web scraping) of large social networks
from Twitter using Python (and Ruby)" to take place at the EUSN Paris
2016 on June 14th, 2016 (9:00 am - 12:00 pm):

Needless to say that the distributed material is open for anybody who
wants to access it. Moreover, we (me and Sergios) will be happy to
answer any questions that anybody might have.

First of all, those who intend to participate at the Workshop are
invited to have a laptop with them, in which they should have

Python (2.7.*),
Ruby (2.3.*),
Jupyter (iPython Notebook) [for instance, from the Anaconda
Beaker Notebook []

Furthermore, the notebooks and scripts we are going to use are
accessible at github:

Notice that for these notebooks and scripts to be able to run, certain
additional Python modules and Ruby gems need to be imported and,
hence, to be already installed at your computers. These modules/gems
are indicated in various cells of the notebooks/scripts (most often in
the beginning). Anybody who wants any previous assistance on
installing these modules/gems should contact us and we will be very
happy to explain the procedure. In any case, such installations depend
on the Operating System of your computer. We have only tested them in
ubuntu 14.04 LTS, where the installation procedure are pretty handy
there. Of course, during the Workshop, we are going to try to assist
participants with the installation of these modules/gems. Actually, we
intend to distribute a USB disk with an image of a virtual machine, in
which everything is working properly, so that participants might copy
it in their computers and be able to follow seamlessly what we will be

The starting notebook (as an html page, readable directly) is:

and the corresponding iPython Notebook (Jupyter) is:

What is presented in this notebook is how to set up a Twitter
application, to obtain the OAuth tokens and how to start Twitter
mining through our scripts.

The two Beaker Notebooks that we are going to be using are accessible
(again directly) at:

The second Beaker Notebook (entitled "TwitterScrapingInRuby") includes
the Ruby scripts through which you may do the Twitter scraping.

The first Beaker Notebook (entitled
"TwitterAnalysisOfRefugeesParisAtacksIn10-23November2015") includes
the computations for a detailed construction and processing of the
data frame corresponding to the extracted tweets (from a big Twitter
data set that has been already mined on the topic of Refugees and
Paris Attacks in the period November 10th to 23rd, 2015) together with
the following analyses of these tweets:

Descriptive statistics
Sentiment analysis
Twitter networks (for Retweets, Mentions and Hashtags) including the
computation of several network centralities

In this notebook, the displayed time series and network visualizations
are processed through the Python module of Lightning and the
geolocations in Folium.

We are and will be very glad to give you any further info and
assistance and to discuss issues relating to Twitter mining either by
emailing us or face-to-face at our Workshop on June 14th.

All the best,

--Moses and Sergios

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