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Subject: [bms-rc33] Meeting - Santa Fe Institute Summer Schools (12 Jun-8 Jul,
     Santa Fe NM)

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The Santa Fe Institute is organizing the Complex System Summer School (June
12-July 8, 2016) and the Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science
Modeling and Complexity (June 26-July 8, 2016).

The Complex Systems Summer School offers an intensive four week introduction
to complex behavior in mathematical, physical, living, and social systems
for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. The school is for
participants who seek background and hands-on experience to help them
prepare to conduct interdisciplinary research in areas related to complex
systems. The program consists of an intensive series of lectures,
laboratories, and discussion sessions focusing on foundational ideas, tools,
and current topics in complex systems research. In addition, participants
will formulate and carry out team projects related to topics covered in the
program. For more information, visit:

The 22nd annual Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science Modeling
and Complexity will bring together a group of advanced graduate students and
a small faculty for an intensive two week study of computational social
science modeling and complexity. The workshop will consist of lectures by
faculty, special topic seminars by members of the Santa Fe Institute, and
presentations of work in progress by graduate student participants. The
primary goal of the summer workshop is to assist graduate students pursuing
research agendas which includes a computational modeling component. A
significant portion of the workshop will be devoted to analyzing and
improving research being conducted by the graduate student participants. For 
more information, visit:

Mirta Galesic

Santa Fe Institute

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