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Hi all,

I analyze online political conversations and I am characterizing both edges
and vertices with several (at least 2) qualitative attributes, additionally
edges are weighted based on two qualitatively different scales.

I am looking for a tool that will help me sort, visualize, and run
algorithms taking into account the different attributes - easily
visualizing attributes both on the vertices and the edges, as well as
different network's parts and configurations based on the different
attributes and the relations among them.

Ideally I would also need the software to aid me coding and minimize human
error (e.g. setting up drop-down menus or other features to easily
attribute a value or code once the coding schemes are established).

Last but not least, I am also connecting in a network "cases" or edges that
are not necessarily people but comments or chunks of them, which will then
be folded into sociograms based on who posted those comments.

I have seen NVivo Plus has a network analysis tool now and it does label
edges as well as attributes. Does anyone know how nuanced and in depth that
goes? Would anyone recommend that or other tools?

Any lead on tools for all of the above is much appreciated, thanks!

Caterina Desiato

Doctoral candidate
Communication and Information Sciences
Instructional Design Assistant
Distance Course Design & Consulting Group
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
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