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Hello Socnetters,

I would like to invite you to publish your SNA data with Connections. Deadline for short DEN articles (see details below) for the next issue is June 20th. But articles are welcome at any time.

The new Data Exchange Network (DEN) feature of Connections is to meet the goal of providing citable references for datasets and instruments. The Data Exchange Network (DEN) will serve as repository for peer-reviewed datasets in the field of social network analysis. These datasets can be use used in educational context or for research. The main criteria for acceptance (beside scientific rigor) is the chance that other researchers in our field might be interested in the data.

Submissions must include an electronic version of the network dataset and/or instrument and a short article (not to exceed 2,500 words) describing the data being submitted (with a focus on the data collections/preparation process). These articles need not be as detailed as a full codebook, but should provide enough information that other researchers may appropriately use the data. Additionally, the article should contain any information about the context from which the data were collected that may be relevant to others for appropriately using the data. All materials submitted for the DEN will be peer-reviewed to ensure the utility and usability of the data/instrument. Data should be submitted in the most generic format possible (preferably in Excel or text files). Accepted DEN contributions must be described fully and clearly and any threats to validity should be made transparent.

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Best wishes,

Juergen Pfeffer
Professor of Computational Social Science & Big Data
Technical University of Munich / Bavarian School of Public Policy

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